“Katalonan” is the tagalog word for “Babaylan.” She is the highly revered female leader in the ancient Filipino society.

The collection features innovations in textile and apparel design, inspired from Filipino culture, stories and life ways of the past and present.

It is inspired and made by some silent leaders working behind the scenes. Its creation involved the brilliance and passion of youthful Filipinos, mostly women, whose work in the field of arts, design and science help protect, promote and conserve the Philippine culture in various disciplines.

This site features the stories of the people behind the collection. It showcase our work and how our unique passions were woven together by the Ternocon 2020 project. Our only hope is that we may continue to inspire future generations of creators, scientists and leaders, so that we may continue to pursue what we love, what we do best, and achieve all the dreams we aspire for.