Ternocon 2020 was made possible by the joint efforts of the Cultural Center of the Philippines and Bench/Suyen Corporation. This competion enabled Jean to develop the Katalonan collection—a collection of versatile Terno attires for everyday use.

The Katalonan collection for Ternocon 2020, from concept to final output, was pieced together by the many contributions and support provided by the following collaborators:

Research and Consultations:

  • Inang Babaylan: Kahapon, Ngayon at Bukas by Timothy Dacanay of De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, Manila
  • Introduction to Philippine Corals by Katrina Luzon of S.H.O.R.E., Manila
  • Piña Fiber Extraction and Weaving by Raquel Piña Cloth Products, Balete Aklan
  • Piña Weaving and Innovations by La Hermiñia Piña Weaving, Aklan

Access to Philippine Fibers and Dyes:

  • Department of Science and Technology – Philippine Textile Research Institute for the Piña-cotton fibers and dyeing facility
  • Non-Timber Forest Products Exchange Program Philippines for the dyes and dyeing facilities

Philippine Textile / Weaves:

  • Arlyne Tumbokon of La Herminia Piña Weaving
  • Salika Samad and Jardin Micho of Maranao Collectibles
  • Evelynda Otong-Hamja of Tuwas Yakan Weavers of Basilan
  • Nelia Ardaniel, Inabel Weaver from Ilocos c/o Non-Timber Forest Products Exchange Program Philippines

Creative and Production Team:

  • Richard Papa, fashion designer and faculty of SoFA Design Institute, as coach, garment construction guide and consultant.
  • Aman Santos, artist and designer, as coach, and color theory tutor.
  • Andrea Maureen “Maui” Severino, SoFA Design Institute SHS Alumna, for the hand-drawn Coral illustrations
  • Gracile Celine “Gee” Roxas, Researcher for the National Historical Commission of the Philippines, my constant companion and for working as a design intern in the creation and assembly of all laser-cut designs.
  • Winna Go, artist and designer, DLS-CSB Alumna, for digitizing and cataloging the coral references and illustrations
  • Xyren Saquian, SoFA Design Institute Student, for paint and color sampling of laser-cuts
  • Roan Jean Gregorio, Designer and proprietor of RJAG Apparel, for constructing some of the pieces
  • Donie Aque and Family for constructing some of the pieces
  • John Valenzuela, SoFA Design Institute Student, for styling and design inputs, sewing and design and production assistance during the show.
  • Gerome Sta. Maria, shoe designer of GSM Manila, for the shoe designs and sampling
  • KR Fernandez, knit and crochet artist of krr.brr and faculty of DLS-CSB, for the soon-to-be-released one-piece terno.

Workshops & Laboratories:

  • SoFA Design Institute at Bel-air, Makati
  • UP CFA Fablab at Diliman, Quezon City, especially to Robbie and Sir Tito

Referrals & Consultations:

  • Dr. Elenita “Leni” Garcia of De La Salle University
  • Fred Telarma, designer and faculty of SoFA Design Institute
  • Loida Hunter, faculty of SoFA Design Institute
  • Beng Ronquillo-Camba, Joy Ann Chua and Maia Dela Peña of Non-Timber Forest Products Exchange Philippines
  • Evangeline Pascua-Manalang, Zailla Flores-Payag and Lucy Barrion of Philippine Textile and Research Institute
  • Criselda Fargarita, Miagao Weaver of Iloilo
  • Princess and Amer Macarambon of Marawi

SoFA Design Institute Family

  • My beloved SHS colleagues, Dr. Mark Anthony Dacela, former SHS Principal, Kuan-ing Chen, Catherine “Cathy” Ballo, Angelique Castro and Alona Joy Clarin for always giving me the extra hands and hugs I needed to finish my work.
  • My beloved Grade 12 students, who are extremely supportive and excited to help after class.
  • Faculty Lounge regulars: Annaly Morales, Fred Telarma, Louis Claparols, Margarita Sanchez, Carla Leonor, Cheejay Lucas Faustino and Jeff Garcia, whose presence liven my sometimes dead spirit
  • Architect Tobias Guggenheimer for the inspiring design discussions and fatherly advise
  • Amina Aranaz-Alunan and Loralee Baron-Soong, who made SoFA Design Institute a truly inclusive and accepting institution that allows any creative person embrace their uniqueness.

Special Mention:

  • Patis Tesoro, revered artist and designer, from whom I learned many things about Piña textile and who helped debunk the stereotype that piña silk is too delicate to maintain.
  • Dr. Norma Respicio, prolific researcher and professor emeritus of the University of the Philippines, Diliman, for without her research and wisdom, I would remain clueless about Philippine Textiles.
  • Director Celia Elumba of Philippine Textile Research Institute, who constantly believed and supported my textile design proposals since 2015.
  • Adrianne Lim, an Ateneo de Manila Alumna, whose one-act play thesis entitled “Alipin” inspired and first exposed me to the important roles of the Katalonan.
  • Goethe Institut Thailand, for everything I learned about Fashion Tech.
  • Brian Bravo, photographer and faculty of DLS-CSB, for my creative portraits
  • And for the friendship, advise and support constantly given by Dr. Vincent Tan, Timothy Dacanay and Mito Tubilleja of DLS-CSB, Kristine Meg Roxas of Tahanan Books, Jennifer Q. Go of Love Curves PH, Nestor Abrogena, Cedric Hornedo, Ziggy Savella, Jona Ballaran, Santi Obcena, Annie Go, Lester Chua, and Nina Tesoro-Poblador, many many thanks.

And my gratitude goes to my family and friends, especially Chase, my little boy, whose love for the beach lead me to conquer my fear of the deep blue sea and discover the beauty and importance of corals.

This collection is dedicated to my mom, and to all moms and women who are like her–always on the go, a little rough but extremely industrious, discreetly loving and caring in her own way. I will never get the chance to dress you, but I will make sure to dress every woman who is like you.